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Managing the security of mobile devices is critical for any organisation, using 3M™ Privacy Filters can help keep mobility from becoming a liability.

Some Sobering Statistics

  • 80% chance that you’ve already become a victim of others reading over your shoulder 1
  • €3.5million That’s the average cost to businesses per incident of physical data theft 2
  • 96% of data breaches in 2010 were avoidable 3
  • 52% of laptop users in the UK are ignoring visual security issues 4
  • 67% of working professionals surveyed in the US had worked with some type of sensitive data outside the office 5

Sources: 1 ico.org.uk/enforcement/fines 2 Research commissioned by 3M UK PLC 2007 3 Symantec Corporation – 2010 Annual Study: UK Cost of a Data Breach  4 Verizon – Data Breach Investigations Report 2011 5 Visual Data Breach Risk Assessment Study, by Herbert H. Thompson, Ph.D., Chief Security Strategist, People Security Consulting Services PLC, 2010.

All It Takes Is A Pair Of Eyes

It doesn’t take an IT security expert to gain access to a company’s, or its customers’, confidential data… just a pair of eyes.
More and more workers access and process company information in non-secure locations such as on a train or in a cafe
The issue is also relevant in open-plan or informal office environments where staff may view sensitive commercial or employee data on a “need to know” basis.
On-screen content can be easily viewed by someone unauthorised sitting next to you or simply passing by, a device user

ISO27001 Compatible

3M Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors can conribute to an organisation’s implementation of ISO27001, the international standard for Information Security Management Systems.
“Equipment shall be sited or protected to reduce the risks from environmental threats and hazards, and opportunities for unauthorised access. Privacy filters are a simple and cost-effective way to implement this control” (ISO 27001 control 9.2.1)

3M Privacy Filters, An Easy To Implement And Affordable Solution

Developed for most device types including desktop monitors, laptops, smart phones and tablets and fit easily over most screens
Utilise a unique black out privacy technology to block the view of the screen from either side, while allowing the user to comfortably continue viewing the information.
Keep confidential on screen customer and personal data secure

Featured Product Guide

Vulnerable Mobile Workers Face Heightened Threats To Data Security
It doesn’t take an IT security expert to gain total access to your confidential data…just a pair of eyes.  That’s why it’s more important than ever for mobile workers to recognise heightened threats to visual security and take steps to protect it from unauthorised individuals.

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